PRISTINE Pool Centre

ongoing support & advice

our PRISTINE pool centre - provides ongoing support
  • We provide initial Guidelines to Operate your Pristine Pool that arrives with your fresh water pool system
  • We offer Warranty Registration of your conditioner
  • We answer questions or verify instructions via phone
  • Send us via email your first pool sample test (from your local pool shop)
  • We provide phone or email feedback on your pool test
  • We email ongoing seasonal hints to get the best out of your pool
  • Send us regular pool samples so we can assist you
  • 18 month reminders to replace doser tubes

Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you are going to love your Fresh Water Pool so much that we promise you a Satisfaction Guarantee with a 100% money back offer. Just fill out the details below to activate your guarantee.



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Customer Agreement & Responsibilities: This Grander Product is sold for domestic purposes only and should not be on-sold or used for commercial, industrial or business purposes to manufacture, produce, improve or aid in any product or by product in any way shape or form without the prior written consent of Grander Water Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd under the Grander Worldwide Organisation Treaty and Trademarks. This agreement is in place upon the customer receiving the product regardless whether the customer returns the warranty card. The person(s) named on the card and the person(s) in possession of the product shall be held responsible for any misuse of the product.

Satisfaction Guarantee
The Satisfaction Guarantee is based on you being satisfied that the benefits and advantages outlined have been achieved. If not satisfied you will be entitled to 100% money back after the first six months, where the product has not been accidentally or deliberately damaged. Any Act of God or disaster which occurs shall not activate
the guarantee by virtue of non-performance caused by such action.

In addition to the Satisfaction Guarantee, there is a five year Manufacturer Warranty to guarantee against
faulty workmanship.

Guarantee & Warranty is subject to:

– Condition 1-7 outlined in the Operating Instructions below & in the GPC booklet.

– Warranty void if there is evidence of tampering with the unit by unauthorised persons.

– If guarantee is activated Rods must be returned in, original condition.

– Guarantee / Warranty applies to original purchaser only.

– For Satisfaction Guarantee and Manufacturers Warranty to be valid, the below online form must be completed and photo uploaded of installation in full by the customer within 14 days.

1. Ensure Rod is NOT installed into a metal container or any other environment that may cause damage by
scratching the exterior of the product eg. do not place on concrete surfaces.
2. Rod must be fully submersed within the main water body to activate the Satisfaction Guarantee.
3. Do NOT install Rod closer than 1-5 metres to main electrical sources.
4. The ratio between the water volume and the rod size must be within the manufacturer’s specifications.

Up to 10,000 Litres – Tiny Rod
11,000 to 20,000 Litres – 2 X Tiny Rods
21,000 to 55,000 Litres – Medium Rod
56,000 to 140,000 Litres – Large Rod

5. The Rod should be checked regularly (3-6 monthly) for any staining. If staining occurs use a mild cleaning
product eg. Gumption with a soft cloth.
6. Do NOT allow the Rod to freeze.
7. Do NOT subject Rod to extreme heat eg. boiling water. The maximum operating temperature should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. Temperatures above this will inhibit the Rods performance and may cause damage.